afloweroutofstone asked:

Are there any tips you would give aspiring journalists that no one gave you?

npr answered:

Well, I didn’t have any connections to journalism and don’t come from a well-connected family or place by any means. Here’s what I did:

1. Hustle. In college, I wrote a humor column, edited the student humor magazine and wrote freelance articles for lots of publications.

2. Be nice. I take time to meet with interns, coworkers, people from other journalism organizations, etc. Not because I’m trying to network or anything. Just because it’s good to be nice to everyone. This is a general life rule, not a journalism rule.

3. Be curious. This is another good life rule. It’s good to talk with lots of different people, who are both like you and not like you. I am a really big advocate for inclusion in journalism and in our newsroom. It’s good to think about different people and different ideas.

4. Don’t always toot your own horn. This is my mom’s rule. I always give credit where it’s due and frequently advocate for other people and ideas. This is always a good thing as well.